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SEN driving theory tutor

Our Aim

Driving Theory Test Practice was set up with the aim to help all students pass their driving theory test.

The driving theory is a very important part of driving as it teaches you all about road signs, road markings, how to work with other road users and how to drive in various conditions.

We have up to date achieved our goal of ensuring every student that follows the course all the way through has passed their driving theory test many students with a 50/50 Pass rate

driving theory test pass

Our Students

We have various students from those who just need a little guidance to those who have varying degrees of learning challenges.

Many of our students have to come to us where English is not their first language.

Whatever the circumstance all lessons are adapted to match the learners' ability

And we teach all over the UK

Teaching all over the UK

With many learner drivers today the driving theory test can be a little challenging. Although we are based in the North East of England and where possible travel to students homes to conduct lessons we do appreciate that many learner drivers are out of our jurisdiction. This is why we set up one to one lessons via Skype. It is just the same as the tutor being sat right next you.  

Driving Theory Test Practice

Contact us for help with your hazard perception test

Contact Us

If you require help with your Driving Theory Test & Hazard perception test 

no matter what your learning ability we have the perfect Driving theory test tutor for you 

Contact us and we will explain how we can help

Contact us at 8G Hackworth Ind Park DL4 1HF

Here to help you

We are based in Shildon but teach students to pass their driving theory test and hazard perception test all over the UK

All Instructors are experienced in enabling you to set up Skype, messenger and Facetime and will walk through the process step by step at your own pace

Pass hazard perception test one to one driving theory tutor

Pass Your Driving Theory Test
 Hazard Perception

Living in the heart of London and unable to drive was awful, needed to pass my test but struggled with theory, Shirley's lessons were fun yet amazing thank you darling

Thanks! Message sent.

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