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Driving theory test practice

Who is this Driving Theory Test help for ?

  Any age! Any occupation! Especially for anyone who



  • Wants help with learning the theory

  • Struggles reading questions

  • Needs help understanding the questions

  • Needs a different teaching Method

  • Has learning challenges

  • Did not Pass their last Theory Test


  • Doesn’t speak English as a 1st language

  • Aged 16 and wants to be ready prior to being 17

  • Covering the whole of the UK



The driving theory test is compiled from 14 categories explored in the Highway code.


The majority of the time a student may struggle to adapt their learning strategies to meet the Driving Theory Test criteria.


New statistics  show that only 48% of students pass on their first attempt. We have an online pass rate of 100% 

This can be anything from revision to reading or understanding the questions on the actual driving theory test.


Here at driving theory test practice we have qualified tutors who can help you pass your driving theory test.

I feel like it's Only ME that can't PASS 




Have fun learning with our mixed range of media and conquer those complicated words & meanings.

Learn the theory of driving rather than remembering questions & answers out of a book.

The techniques adopted have proven to be very successful in gaining and maintaining levels of interest and understanding.


Another important teaching aspect though is patience from the tutor and their in depth knowledge and understanding of the students learning strategies and their ability to adapt teaching methods accordingly to their pupils' needs.

Throughout the lessons, we can assess if special requirements may be available at the DVLA Test Center in order to help you take your theory test. 


The tutor then will help you get the require help from the DVLA


One to one face to face qualified tutors available at times to suit you, to hep you pass your driving theory test


How can Driving Theory Test Practice help?

One to one face to face driving theory test practice & hazard perception test practice with qualified tutors covering the whole of the UK

Practice up to date hazard perception test clips


We have a superb way of getting you to understand the hazard perception test clips and will teach you techniques that work with your learning strategies...


Usually, just one lesson face to face and one to one online.

Hazard perception test practice


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If you require help with your Driving Theory Test & Hazard perception test 

no matter what your learning ability we have the perfect Driving theory test tutor for you 

Contact us and we will explain how we can help.

If local we can come to you or lesson can be done online. All lessons are conducted in the same way whether local or via Skype -

One to one face to face help .with driving theory test

Hazard perception test practice online
Here to help you

All Instructors are experienced in enabling you to learn and understand the driving theory which in turn enables you to answer the theory questions no matter how they are phrased. We teach you to learn and not memorize in a fun yet productive way.
One to One face to face hazard perception test practice help with up to date clips 

Pass Your Driving Theory Test
 Hazard Perception

With having dyspraxia Shirley changed the way she taught me to help me understand, cant recommend this company enough

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