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Driving School Bishop Auckland

Safe2GO Driving Driving school bishop au

Learning to Drive is an exciting prospect but needs a little planning.


Follow the steps listed to help guide you to a stressless route to taking your test


Each step is linked to further information if you require it.


Remember we are here to help

you every step of the way.


And don't worry about the new changes to the practical driving test - everything is in place to ensure you have up to date training 

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Safe2go Driving School Bishop Auckland pass plus course
Safe2go Driving School Nervous driver driving lessons

Many new and veteran drivers see familiar routes changing overnight and are a little apprehensive how to deal with these new layouts.


A  couple of refresher driving  lessons with patient and understanding instructors are usually all that is needed to enable drivers to feel more confident around these changes,

Many Students who have just passed their test, still feel I little unsure about driving on Motorways. There are also many long term drivers who are slightly unfamiliar with the ever changing road layouts and signs.


This short course is designed to cover all elements of Motorway Driving.

Local Driving School - Beginner driving lessons, refresher driving lessons, re sit driving lessons. Approved driving Instructors

Each Pass Plus Course must consist of at least six hours training.


During the course, your driving instructor will record your progress on a training report form. When the instructor is satisfied you have successfully completed the course you will be Issued with a Certificate of Completion.


Only driving instructors who are registered as Pass Plus Instructors can give the course.


There is NO TEST

Local Driving School Bishop Auckland- Learn to drive with qualified instructors, refresher driving lessons, nervous driver driving lessons, motorway driving lessons, pass plus course

Driving theory test practice

Safe2go Driving School 10 Vicarage Farm Close Bishop Auckland DL14 7UT


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