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SEN and Second language Driving Theory Tuition

Sometimes due to learning challenges or where English is not your first language we may need a little additional help

We have professional Driving Theory tutors who specialise in teaching students that require that extra help.

All lessons are adapted to match the learner's ability and various methods are adopted to ensure the student learns in a comfortable, patient and enjoyable manner.

Driving Theory Tutors understands that sometimes due to learning challenges and where English is not your first language that learning for the driving theory test can appear quite daunting.

Driving Theory Tutors work with all learning abilities and with all students on the autistic spectrum with exceptional success for the students. 

We have various teaching methods and adapt all to suit the learners' effective way ability, which is done in a fun yet effective way.

Always one to one lesson, no CD or app learning just personal tuition to teach and allow the student to gain their confidence over the test

Being Dyslexic and having a learning challenge does not stop you from learning to drive.

Some of the factors that identify if you may be dyslexic


  • Weak short term and working memory (holding on to and applying information).

  • Auditory processing: taking on board what is being said quickly

  • Difficulty with focusing, easily distracted

  • Difficulty identifying left from right.

  • Visual distraction, visual memory issues.

  • Slower processing speed in the brain.

  • Sequencing problems: getting information in the right order.

Additional Driving Theory Test Support

When booking your driving theory test, special conditions can be put in place by the DVLA for students who require these adjustments.

Driving Theory Test Practice can help with all aspects from advice to form filling to contact with



DVLA Special Requirements

The Driving Theory Test for Dyslexic Students or students with any learning difficulties may differ from those who do not have these impairments. 

They may be entitled to a reader, oral moderator, extra time and in some instances a separate room

Driving Theory Test Practice can help ensure you get these provisions into place if applicable

Since January 2000, theory tests have been delivered using a touch screen computer._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Кандыдаты сядзяць у індывідуальных кабін. 


The 50 questions appear one at a time on a computer screen and candidates select their multiple choice answers by_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_дакрананне да экрана. 


 Кандыдаты таксама могуць працаваць праз a practice session на працягу 15 хвілін, каб прывыкнуць да сістэмы. Мы рэкамендуем вам у поўнай меры скарыстацца практычным заняткам. Remember  some students are negligible for a Personal Reader to read the questions to them.


Падчас тэсту на экране паказваецца, якое з 50 пытанняў вы выконваеце і колькі ў вас засталося часу. Памятайце, што некаторыя студэнты могуць падаць заяўку на дадатковы час.


Вы можаце змяніць свае адказы. Экран агляду паведамляе вам, колькі пытанняў вы выканалі, любыя няпоўныя адказы (г.зн. недастаткова пазначаных варыянтаў) і якія пытанні вы маеце 'пазначаныя', да якіх трэба вярнуцца пазней.


Candidates receive their test results, and feedback information about errors within 30 minutes of finishing the test._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Вам не раскажуць пра спецыфічныя пытанні на якія былі дадзены няправільныя адказы, адказаць толькі ў тэме.

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